Mandala & Doodle Art

Explore the world of Mandala & Doodle art through this delightful art program
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87 students enrolled
Ages : 11 - 15 Years
No. of session : 20
By : Shilpy Sinha
Mandala Doodle art classes in India | Bambinos

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About the course

Art is a therapeutic form of creative outlet that is essential for children. It is vital for children to indulge in artistic activities as it helps to shape and form their perspective of the world around them. This program aims to create a space for children to explore the world of art in the most pleasant and soothing manner through Mandla & Doodle Art. Doodling refers to the art of abstract shapes and designs which is often resulted from the artist's own thoughts and creation. Mandalas are circular designs with recurring shapes that often hold spiritual significance. 

What will be covered

Day 1: Mandala Basic Pattern 

Day 2: How to Draw Circle & Design 

Day 3: Mandala Basic Picture 

Day 4: Mandala Colourful Picture

Day 5: Semi-Circle Mandala 

Day 6: Guitar Mandala 

Day 7: Moon Mandala 

Day 8: Alphabet Mandala 

Day 9: Heart Mandala 

Day 10: Butterfly Mandala 

Day 11: Girl Gown Mandala 

Day 12: Dreamcatcher Mandala 

Day 13: Book Mark Mandala 

Day 14: Mandala Flower 

Day 15: Acrylic Colour Mandala 

Day 16: Dot Mandala on Glass Bottle 

Day 17: Mandala on Canvas 

Day 18: Earing Mandala 

Day 19: Face Mandala 

Day 20: Creative Mandala 

Learning outcome

Children will be able to acquire knowledge with spiritual significance from creating mandalas. They will be able to explore their creativity and imagination through doodling. Children will learn how to enhance their ability to draw and write precisely while paying attention to meticulous details through this art program. 

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
Demo Dates
Demo: 18th Jan Monday 4:30am EST
Demo: 20th Jan Wednesday 4:30am EST
Demo: 22nd Jan Friday 4:30am EST
Demo: 23rd Jan Saturday 2:30am EST
Demo: 24th Jan Sunday 2:30am EST
Demo: 25th Jan Monday 4:30am EST
Batch schedules
18th Jan - 03rd Mar
4:30am - 5:30am EST
20 Session(s)
23rd Jan - 28th Mar
2:30am - 3:30am EST
20 Session(s)




Course Rating



Navin Gadidala


Priya Ramesh Kumar


Sanjay gupta

I really liked how the teacher taught, and for a person who is really bad at drawing, the art was amazing. I would like to continue!



It's good my daughter liked it. She is interested to join