Public Speaking : Superstar Communicator

Master the art of Public Speaking through this fun and engaging initiative
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73 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Interpersonal (people smart)
Ages : 8 - 14 Years
No. of session : 30
By : Aneesha Srinivasan / Jas Johari
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About the course

Public Speaking is an essential life skill. It is imperative for us to build confidence in children in their formative years, as it will enable them to grow up to be expressive and confident adults. This program aims to create a platform for children to become eloquent speakers. Through this program, children will be introduced to an array of exercises and activities that will boost their confidence and help them master the art of Public Speaking. When we equip children with the confidence and skill to speak in public, they can grow to do some incredible things. They can inspire change and unite people in a common cause or connect with others more effectively.

What will be covered

The following topics will be covered throughout the course: 

  • Self Introduction: How to introduce yourself? 
  • 4 Steps to delivering a perfect Speech: A Concise method to deliver an impactful speech. 
  • Story Maps: A format/exercise to build a story.
  • Creating Stories: Story building exercises to create our personal stories.
  • Poetry Reading: Reading exercises to learn about "pace"
  • Speaking Games: Fun games to learn the art of effective speaking.
  • Body Language: Tips on using non-verbal communication. 
  • Introduction to Mind Map: An effective tools to capture thoughts, ideas & texts.
  • Voice Modulation: Learning about the importance of pace in speaking.   
  • Writing Poetry: Writing exercises. 
  • Introduction to Debates: A thorough guide and steps on developing effective debating skills.
  • Book of the Month: Reading recommendations. 
  • Tongue Twister: Speech exercise to enhance fluency.

The course will be followed by Level 2 with an additional 30 sessions covering new topics.

Learning outcome

Children will learn and understand the very essence of Public Speaking. They will be exposed to activities and exercises that will enhance their ability to speak confidently and eloquently.

How to prepare
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
Demo Dates
Demo: 18th Jan Monday 7:00pm EST
Demo: 20th Jan Wednesday 7:00pm EST
Demo: 23rd Jan Saturday 11:00am EST
Demo: 24th Jan Sunday 11:00am EST
Demo: 25th Jan Monday 7:00pm EST
Demo: 27th Jan Wednesday 7:00pm EST
Batch schedules
18th Jan - 21st Apr
7:00pm - 8:00pm EST
28 Session(s)
22nd Jan - 06th Aug
7:00pm - 8:00pm EST
29 Session(s)
23rd Jan - 07th Aug
11:00am - 11:45am EST
29 Session(s)
24th Jan - 08th Aug
11:00am - 11:45am EST
29 Session(s)




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