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Twist N Learn - Rubik's Cube

Explore the world of Rubik’s cube
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20 Enrollments
Skills Impacted
Logical (reasoning smart) Intrapersonal (self smart)
Ages : 7 - 11 Years
No. of session : 6
By : Satyam Singh
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6 sessions


Each Session 45 Minutes

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About the course

The course is designed to teach Rubik’s cube in an easy way and act as a brain booster for children. They will learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube with intricate logic and techniques. Throughout the course, children will be taught six different algorithms to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s cube. They will also receive the algorithm sheet for their future practice. 

What will be covered

The course has six sessions and covers the following:

Day 1 - Introduction and Yellow Plus

Day 2 - The base

Day 3 - Practice

Day 4 - The second Layer

Day 5 - The Cross

Day 6 - The complete cube

Students will learn one new algorithm in each session and spend sufficient time in practising them. Each session will uncover a new aspect and students will be able to solve the complete cube in the 6th session.

Learning outcome

The course intends to develop the reasoning skills of children and make them a logical thinker. It will increase the child’s engagement level and support their development in a way that helps them in academics as well as in their life. It will give a strong boost to their memory and concentration, and encourage them to think analytically with multiple approaches to a particular problem. Learning Rubik’s cube will improve their hand and eye coordination, leading to better brain stimulation and an improved patience level.

How to prepare
  • Students must have a 3x3 Rubik’s cube
  • Basic knowledge of the English language
Demo Dates
Demo: 10th Mar Wednesday 7:00pm EST
Demo: 13th Mar Saturday 12:30pm EST
Demo: 17th Mar Wednesday 7:00pm EST
Demo: 20th Mar Saturday 12:30pm EST
Demo: 24th Mar Wednesday 7:00pm EST
Demo: 27th Mar Saturday 12:30pm EST




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Before sending the class invite pls do send the prerequisites so that parents will not be in trouble.Todays class cancelled due to unavailability of rubik cube in our side. In the meeting invite under materials required it is mentioned as None. So thought todays class might be sir will familiarize the rubik cube with children😁